Savannah Ooh Na Na

Recently (and by recently I mean about a month ago now because I’m garbage at posting here in a timely manner) boy and I went on a spontaneous trip to Savannah, GA for a nice long weekend. If you are within driving distance to this city and haven’t been, I truly recommend going. It’s so … More Savannah Ooh Na Na

August Favorites

August has come and gone and tbh thank god. I am not a fan of the summer months, especially since in Florida they just bring heat and humidity and oh my god more heat. I am not about trying to look semi-cute only to be a sweaty, frizzy mess the second I step outside. That … More August Favorites

Feelin’ 22

It saddens me that I am both busier and less inspired to write blog posts recently- starting a new job and not having many big life events will do that. But guess what? I just turned 22 years old and I figured that warranted a lil posty-post. So here we are. Yes, I have finally … More Feelin’ 22

Making A Cozy Home

For the past week or so I have had furniture and home decor on the brain. As someone who loves HGTV and home Pinterest boards, this has been the opposite of a problem. Our little apartment is really coming together now, and we really only have a few small finishing touches left. I’ve been putting … More Making A Cozy Home


Hello lovely lil readers. So since my last post, I have officially moved into my new apartment, and I love it! It’s the perfect amount of space and has so much natural light and is in a really nice location. The big three are all checked off. However, this won’t be a cute apartment tour … More Adulting